Do you want to feel pleasure of Turkish Hammam or Turkish bath in your own bathroom? “Byglou” 100% silk glove will remind you popular ancient Hammam rituals where people clean and scrub themselves in a steamed room. Glove was inherited from ancient traditions and it reflects the cultural value of the Turkish Bath. Our gloves are best quality, handmade Turkish product from 100% natural silk.

BYGLOU glove promotes cell renewals in the body and accelerates blood circulation, resulting in youthful glowing skin. It also prevents the formation of cellulite. But even existing cellulite can also disappear over time with regular use of bath gloves.

Silk glove removes fake tanning, smoothes and softens the skin, ensure deep cleaning, exfoliation of the dead cells and above all, very relaxing.

It is very important to choose silk or other natural plant fibers bath glove because sponge type cleaners are not so effective and results will not be the same.

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Caroline United States of America

None of gloves that I used before removed dead skin so well, BYGLOU amazing!

Živilė Lietuva

Nesitikėjau tokio rezultato. Labai gerai nušveičia negyvą odą, rekomenduoju

Оксана Lietuva

Свой товар получила быстро. Очень рада своей покупкой – шёлковой перчаткой для пилинга кожи!

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